OCTOBER 1, 2017

Book Signing

You are invited to join Jim at The Booksellers at Laurelwood in Memphis for a discussion and book signing:

                                               Cast the First Stone: Murder In Memphis

2:00 pm, Saturday
December 12, 2015
The Booksellers at Laurelwood
387 Perkins Ext., Memphis

James Paavola introduces his fifth novel in his "Murder In Memphis" series: Cast the First Stone

Homosexuality - its religious, social and political implications - is the backdrop for Cast the First Stone, James Paavola's fifth book in the Murder In Memphis series.  A serial killer is targeting gay men.  Lieutenant Julia Todd returns from medical leave, recovering from a bullet wound and PTSD symptoms.  Her first duty assignment is meant to be an easy one:  crowd control.  Protesters have rallied outside City Hall in response to an upcoming vote which could grant civil rights to homosexuals in the workplace.  Religious leaders and politicians are represented on  each side of the issue.  Prominent among opposing protesters are uniformed Neo-Nazis and robed Ku Klux Klansmen.  Another gay man is found dead after the protest. 
November, 2015  It has been a while since my last entry – almost a year in fact.  I apologize.  Life kinda got in the way:  a handful of surgeries, and our eldest daughter Shannon was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia.  On the positive side, Shannon has very recently been declared "in remission."  We couldn't be more relieved.  We are truly grateful for all the support, love and prayers.  My latest book:  Cast the First Stone:  Murder in Memphis is dedicated to her. 

Jim Paavola
December, 2014.  Been working on a few short stories this summer.  One has just been published by Dark Oak Press as part of an anthology of short stories about murders associated with well-known Memphis Landmarks.  Check out "The Silver Star" in Malice in Memphis: Bluff City Mysteries, edited by Carolyn McSparren, 2014.  Available at Dark Oak Press and Amazon. 

Jim Paavola
December 23, 2013  The characters in my stories patronize Memphis restaurants. They particularly enjoy good food and a relaxed atmosphere. Among others, The Brooklyn Bridge Family Italian Restaurant and Molly's La Casita Restaurant are featured in the newly released Blood Money. Molly's general manager Kelly Johnson makes an appearance, as does the Bridge's co-owner Bridgette Correale. Both women play major roles in setting the welcoming tone of their respective restaurants. Much to our sadness, Bridgette passed away. Blood Money is dedicated to her memory.

Jim Paavola

Copies of "Blood Money" also available at Brooklyn Bridge Restaurant